The deadline for Ola’s electric scooter range has been extended.


The deadline for Ola’s electric scooter range has been extended. Up to Rs. 25,000 in bonuses are being offered until the end of March. The electric scooter manufacturer located in Bengaluru is offering a variety of models, including the S1 Pro, S1 Air, and S1 X+.To put things in perspective, the S1 X+, the top model, costs Rs. 84,999, which is Rs. 25,000 more than the base price. Subsequently, the ex-showroom costs in Bengaluru for the S1 Air and S1 Pro are Rs. 1,04,999 and Rs. 1,29,999, respectively. Discounts, of Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 17,500 for the Air and Pro trims, are offered, nevertheless.The top model in Ola’s series of electric scooters is the S1 Pro. It has a 4 kWh battery with a stated 143 km of range and 120 kmph maximum speed. Four ride modes are available on the S1 Pro: Eco, Normal, Sport, and Hyper. Along with many other amenities, Ola has fitted the S1 Pro with riding modes, cruise control, Bluetooth, OTA updates, navigation, hill hold, proximity lock/unlock, remote access, speakers, and much more. Five paint choices are available for the Ola S1 Pro.Furthermore, the brand stated that February saw its biggest monthly sales ever. In comparison to previous year’s performance, this indicates that 35,000 units of the S1 line were sold, making Ola the undisputed leader in the electric scooter industry.


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